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Pagan Pyjama Party Episode 1.07: The Druid Hive Mind

Episode 7: The Druid Hive Mind (March 2019) This month, Josie and Mark discussed public Paganism, impostor syndrome and Mark's brand new ADF Protogrove, Dancing Hare Protogrove, ADF. They also ate some cold chips they left in the car. Music this episode was Earthly By and By by Freya Josephine Hollick.  

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News and Hounds: Australia Edition

Western Australia: Combined Covens Participates in PrideFest WA Last month, Perth-based non-profit Pagan social group Combined Covens participated in PrideFest, Perth’s LGBTQI+  arts, culture and community festival for the second year running. Queensland: Author Sandra Greenhalgh Announces Druid Wisdom Oracle Cards Both ancient and modern Druid practices are the inspiration for this new deck of… Continue reading News and Hounds: Australia Edition