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Paganism in the Top End

Australia’s Northern Territory (sometimes just called “the NT” or “the top end”) is the country’s third-largest federal division, covering over 520,902 square miles (1,349,129 square kilometres). This vast space is made up of rugged coastline, a national park spanning around 12,000 square miles (20,000 square kilometres) and larger settlements in the north; the south has smaller settlements,… Continue reading Paganism in the Top End

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2018 Australian Women Writers Challenge

I've just joined the 2018 Australian Women Writers Challenge. As part of my blogging exploits this year, I will be reading and reviewing titles by Australian women authors. Lady writers who I think are pretty rad: Randa Abdel-Fattah Isobelle Carmody Clementine Ford May Gibbs Germaine Greer Glenda Millard CS Pacat Ethel Pedley Lili Wilkinson Margaret… Continue reading 2018 Australian Women Writers Challenge

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Queer Paganism in Australia

Queer Paganism in Australia today is multifaceted and vibrant with a large number of publicly active traditions, groups, and meetups that are queer oriented or queer inclusive. The most notable of these is Queer Pagan Men Australia. But what many contemporary Australian Pagans don’t know is that the country’s history of Paganism within the LGBT… Continue reading Queer Paganism in Australia