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Please Don’t “Goddess” Me…

“Look at you, you beautiful curvy goddess.”

“You do you, goddess.”

“Release your inner goddess.”

It seems to be almost habitual these days for some people at some Pagan events to go so far with their body positivity and inclusivity that they find the need to refer to women – especially fat women like me – in this way.

Indeed, “goddess” is thrown around quite loosely now and is commonplace in the world of exploiting feminism and body positivity to sell stuff. The term is used to sell makeup, hair product, razors, bikinis, hoodies, beach towels, yoga mats, candles, and so much more.

But at worst, referring to me as a “goddess” is endowing me with a divinity that I didn’t ask for and couldn’t possibly live up to. Sure, in advertising the term is manipulative, but in Paganism itself it’s just a bit offensive.

Yep, some (most?) Pagans see the divine in the natural things around them. And yeah, there are practices across a myriad of traditions which focus on revering aspects of the God/dess in ourselves and our lives. But does that mean we’re all gods and goddesses and should refer to each other as such? Nah, mate.

You can call me beautiful, if you want. I’ll definitely baulk at it, but nowhere near as much as I used to. Call me intelligent or clever or funny or kind or whatever… But call me that in a genuine way, not a flowery, new-age cliché.

Let me keep my leg hair, fat tummy and anxiety and leave me to worship the divine, not live it.

(Photo: Kylie Moroney Photography)


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